Observations from yesterday

Dublin Airport

Loads of UID Aer Lingus A330’s

Ryanair 737-800’s

American Airlines A330-300

Delta Air Lines A330-300 – well this flew over my home so that’s where I saw it!

Didn’t see it but I heard that Turkish Airlines put TC-LNA on their morning departure TK1976 – an A332!!! šŸ˜€ . They will put another A332 on the afternoon departure on Sunday the 4th šŸ™‚ . Rumour has it that Swissport is preparing to handle TK A330’s.. dunno why they need to prepare! However, to twist the plot, as a part of a larger network frequency cut, they will decrease their frequency here in Dublin from 14 weekly (double daily) to 10 weekly (one daily flight and then another flight that operates three times a week) during Winter 2016/17. Could people that are loyal to Turkish continue to fly TK and as a result they’ll switch from 739’s up to A332’s. I don’t know but I do hope that I get a chance to be on a TK A330! Then again, I also sort of want them to keep their double daily flights. I will post about their network frequency cut shortly!


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