Airbus delivers American Airlines’ first US-built aircraft

American Airlines’ new A321 reg N894AN/ MSN 6621. Source: Airbus

The second US-built US A321 has been delivered to American Airlines. A ceremony was held at the company’s property located in Mobile, Alabama. Present during the occasion were executives from Airbus and American Airlines and representatives of the more than 350 employees at the facility.

The Mobile Final Assembly Line is commited to the production of Airbus narrowbodies for customers in North America. So far, only A321 with the Current Engine Option (CEO) but Enhance – so equipped with sharklets, will be assembled in the foreseeable future, five for American Airlines and one for Spirit, and it will begin transitioning to New Engine Option (NEO) descendants in late 2017.

Bob Lekites, Executive Vice President-Customers, Airbus Americas. The DFW-based (Dallas-Fort Worth) airline operates the world’s largest Airbus fleet at the moment and owns the largest A321 fleet as well.

The relationship between American Airlines and Airbus is a long and successful collaboration to provide the most modern, fuel-efficient aircraft for both of our customers.

Airbus is planning on increasing the production rate to 52 aircraft per month by 2018, and to 60 aircraft before 2020, supported by its final production lines in Germany, France, China, and the Alabama assembly line in the United States.



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