Aeroflot Reorganisation

Source: Sergey Kustov – Wikipedia. Licence here – no changes made. Aeroflot Airbus A330.

According to the Russian business daily Vedomosti, Russia’s flag carrier, Aeroflot will now accept its Boeing 787 Dreamliners. There were claims that they were cancelling the order. Aeroflot ordered 18 787-8’s and 4 787-9’s adding up to 22 Dreamliners however they reduced their order to 20 Dreamliners but I am unsure which variant that they have reduced. These arrive in 2017. Aeroflot’s CEO Vitaly Savelyev has said this:


We’re trying to exit the deal.

Mr. Savelyev told Rossiya 24 TV last October:

Boeing didn’t deliver them on time and we don’t need them in a slumping market.

Aeroflot reduced it’s Boeing 777-300ER order from three to one. These should also arrive in 2017. The seven NG 737’s should arrive in 2019. They have also knocked off nine A320 Family from their order of 30, now it is 21 aircraft. Their delivery has been delayed, delayed by three years. The airline have also decided to not launch flights from Moscow/Domodedovo and will focus on Moscow/Sheremetyevo and Moscow/Vnukovo through expanded subsidiary Rossiya. They originally planned on launching three domestic flights which would’ve been operated by the A320. Rossiya have taken assets and routes from Donavia and Orenair, their sister companies, which were due to close at the end of March. So Rossiya have received Donavia’s six A319’s and Orenair’s 5 737-800’s and 3 777-200ER’s.


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