Picture of the Day 31-3-16

As you all know, I had some issues with my lightshot, so I had to delay this. Less off-topic talk, more plane talk!

Source: Air France

This picture is a picture of an Air France A340-300. The A340 is my favourite Airbus plane. It is unique. It is a single deck, quad-jet. Unfortunately (for me at least), Airbus have stopped manufacturing these beauts. The A340 comes in A340-200, A340-300, A340-500, A340-600. It is unknown why they skipped the “A340-400”. The last A340  was built in 2011. Apparently, they “ditched” it for twin-jets. Air France have 13 of these guys, but they are getting retired this year 😥 . Any airline planning on keeping these? 🙂


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