Sorry, today I won’t be able to post picture of the day due to a broken lightshot. Hopefully I’ll do a double one for tomorrow. My apologies.


Picture of the Day 30-3-16

This picture is a picture of an American Airlines Boeing 787-8. The Dreamliner is on its final approach to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in Texas. This arrived to AA in January 2015. This is registered N800AN. It is AA’s first ever Dreamliner. This picture was taken in March 2015. Both images are from http://aviationblog.dallasnews.com/

Boeing 787, A800AN, March 6, 2015, DFW landing, Terry Maxon, 10

The Dreamliner is one of the planes I’d love to get. I’d also like to get the A380. There is a bit of hope in that. This picture is a picture of N800AN after its landing. This is the first 787-8 out of the 20 ordered. Currently, there are 15 in service, with 5 more on order. American Airlines also have an order of 22 787-9, none of which have arrived.


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